Class Descriptions

Dancers from Ready, Set, Dance Pre-Dance

Classes especially designed for the 3 and 4 year olds, including an introduction to music, dance, rhythm, coordination, and creative thought. Each class is one hour and combines ballet/tap or ballet/tumbling.


Classical ballet training for students 5 years of age and older. Separate classes are held at each level of training, from beginner through professional. Private lessons available mornings and afternoons.


Classes for ages 5 and older. Each level of instruction is offered with tap technique, music, rhythm and tap routines.


Classes for students 5 years of age and older. The classes include an extensive warm-up, stretching, and mat work. No other equipment is included in this program. The emphasis is on good, strong acrobatic tumbling technique.


A dance form that combines ballet and jazz. Classes include ballet warm-up, jazz progressions, stretching, jumps and turns.

Dancers from Ready, Set, DanceContemporary

A mix of classical ballet, modern and jazz styles. Using techniques such as contract-release, floor work and improve


A style based on ballet but using free an expressive theatrical dance. Allows dancers to express their innermost emotions through dance.


Borrows elements from classical, modern and jazz styles of dance.

Aerial Silks

Uses a special fabric allowing dancers to wrap, suspend, swing and spiral their bodies in and out of various positions.

Adult Classes

Adult yoga, Fitness and Cardio Tap offered.


Stretch, Strengthen and get centered with yoga teacher Jen Larsen. Yoga classes at the Warehouse are Wednesdays at 9:30 AM. The focus is on deep breathing, correct alignment and moving through flowing movement sequences. Longer balances and stretches are interspersed throughout the class. Learn concrete tools and techniques to move more consciously and to stay grounded during times of stress. Increase your overall sense of well-being, have fun and meet like minded friends!


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