Studio Policies

Class Placement

  • The School Director/Artistic Director will determine placement and her decision will be final.
  • Classes may be cancelled if the class enrollment falls below five students.
  • Classes may be added if at least five students show interest in that particular class
  • Class size will be limited to approximately 14 students.


Newsletters will be e-mailed at the beginning of every month. The newsletters will inform you of class closings due to holidays, parents observation days and any other special information! Unless otherwise informed we are open for classes! Tuition remains the same every month regardless of holidays or closings!

Parent's Observation days

Parents/family will be allowed to observe class approximately every 8 weeks. Notices will be sent home 2 weeks prior to each observation day to allow parents time to arrange schedules if necessary.

Class Attire

Our Dance Wear List for all classes. (PDF)

General Class Information

Students are expected to attend every class. The progress of each child as well as the class depends upon regular attendance.

Classes will begin and end promptly at the scheduled time. Be dressed and ready with the correct dance shoe before the scheduled start time.

Parents are asked to bring children into the lobby and wait with them until their teacher takes them into class. Children will not be allowed to leave the lobby area until the Ready, Set, Dance receptionist/teacher sees their parent. If for any reason you are late picking your child up, your child will be kept safely in our dance lobby. If for any reason someone other than yourself will be picking your child up, please notify the Ready, Set, Dance staff.


In the event of severe weather, dance class cancellations may occur and will not be made up. We try to be consistent with the Orange County Public Schools schedule, and if they close due to bad weather, we will close as well. If possible a voice message will be left on our studio phone. (407-470-7365)

If your child misses a class, he/she is entitled to a make-up class. The make-up class must be made within one month of the absence. The make-up class must be approved by either the teacher or a member of the Ready, Set, Dance desk staff. Tuition remains the same, even if you choose not to make up the class.


Ready, Set, Dance will have an end of the year recital. Both dress rehearsal and recital will be held the end of May or early June. This will be held at a nearby facility and the recital costs will be kept to a minimum. Recital is held on two days, all dancers will be expected to participate on both days! Tickets will be sold to offset the expense of the recital. All attending must purchase a ticket. Last year tickets were $20.00 each.

A costume deposit in the amount of $45.00 will be due by mid December, with the balance due by February. Again, costume costs will be kept to a minimum! (Less than $65.00 for children and less than $80.00 for adult sizes). Your child will need a costume for each dance class in which they are enrolled. The costumes will come with the necessary tights.

Optional Competition/Workshops

Dancers will be given the opportunities to attend regional dance competitions and workshops throughout the dance year. This is only for those dancers who wish to participate. Participation in the dance competitions will require extra rehearsal times, extra costumes and other extra costs. A separate information packet is available if your child wishes to participate.



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